Meikle Says Law (GM/SS-148) Scottish Borders

SOTA summit: Meikle Says Law, Scottish Borders  GM/SS-148

Activation Date: April 29, 2019

Unique: Yes, 160th and 198th overall

Call sign used: MM0SNA/P

Portable operation: Yes

Radio: KX3

Antenna: Buddipole Vertical

Band/Modes used: 20m/40m, voice and FT8

Hike:  ~7 miles R/T and ~700ft ascent.  (<–click left for GaiaPro track etc)

Hike and AZ profile:

  • 4×4 dirt road all the way
  • Treeless summit
  • Boundary fence suitable to strap antenna mast to
  • Flat AZ
  • Views north to Firth of Forth

Recommend: Yes, pretty easy but be aware of RF hash!

Solo operation: Yes

Cell Coverage: O2 excellent

Photos: Copyright Paul Gacek 2019


Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 4.05.39 PM


4×4 dirt road easy to follow for 3.5 mile length of hike
Distant views of Firth of Forth. Flat top AZ
Buddipole strapped to fence.
Trig point is located quite close to scads of wind turbines – RF hash generators??
Running FT8 on Microsoft Surface Go with UAG case with “paw” strap – worked well


Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 10.10.22 AM
8 watts FT8, heard across Planet Earth….that is encouraging!




  1. Outstanding results with PSK reporter. I just hooked up my KX3 with FT8 using my Winbook tablet. Amazing where I too was heard with only 10 watts. Did you have your ref in your exchange?


  2. Hello Paul,
    how did you manage the clock synchronisation requirement of WSJTX on your tablette? Was it permanently connected to the internet via a 4G connection? How many radials did you use, just one?
    Thanks for short reply, it is very much appreciated!
    73, Johannes – DL1JRM


    1. Hi Johannes. I have tried tethering the SurfaceGo to my phone but generally its been hit or miss. I use an inexpensive USB GPS dongle in conjunction with a free app called BktTimeSync. Works really well and so far I have been happy with it. Paul


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