Left for Ring

NPOTA Entity: N/A 

SOTA summit: Ring Mountain, W7Y/EW-020

Activation Date: July 28, 2017

Portable operation: Yes

Radio: Elecraft KX2 operating at 10 watts

Antenna: LNR End Fed

Bands used: 20m 

Furthest QSO: NE4TN in Tennessee 

Hike in: 1.5 miles r/t and ~500ft ascent 

Solo operation: No, with Guy N7UN

Recommend: Yes

ATT Coverage: OK

Photos: Copyright Paul Gacek 2017

I always have mixed feels when leaving the apparent safety and comfort of a road and heading onto a 4×4 track. When its my own vehicle I’ve tried to stack the odds in my favor. High clearance is a given, 35″ mud and rock tires, high and low gear 4×4 transmission, locking differentials and the list goes on. But today we are in a rental car albeit high clearance but it is front wheel drive and has rather boring street tires.

Make a left and head straight for Ring Mountain. Easy!

We cruise along and happily navigate the mapped trail. We’ve clearly ventured into uncharted territory and while the track exists the map begs to differ. Just keep riding it and see where we end up! Grass is everywhere and the 4×4 trail is now behind us. Time to alight and our discussion about the easiest route fails in implementation and we head straight up the ridge, no zigs and no zags and arrive soon thereafter.

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 8.46.53 PM
Turn left of highway, head up dirt road and continue through T junction!

It’s actually quite a beautiful spot and we can see Jelm (W7Y/EW-006), our next destination beckoning us just north.

Southern Wyoming has an interestingly different terrain. Technically this is the Rockies but its defined as much by pasture and grazing land as it is by gentle vegetated mountains. Herein lies its great secret and why it was so critical to the westward bound pioneers as it offers a wagon navigable passage over the Rockies and points west. Those on the Oregon, California and Mormon trail came through Southern Wyoming.

I’m struggling to get contacts but perseverance pays off.

One half of the team
The CW half of the team, Guy N7UN




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