Initial attempts at Manhattan construction and a Tone Generator

Numerous methods exist to construct circuits including Manhattan that takes its name from the grid like layout you can adopt. As part of my “home-brew” journey I wanted to try and potentially use Manhattan on a regular basis. So far I have put together 3-5 small boards (2″x3″ approximately) and this is my favorite so far. Its from Experimental Methods in RF Design by Wes Hayward et al and specifically chapter 7 fig 7.25. I’m happy so far and quite enjoy the process and absolutely love the end result especially when it works which fortunately this one did!

I don’t really map out on paper what will go where but rather visualize the circuit being laid “as is” onto the copper board. This might not scale but it seems to work providing a pay close attention. I presume most of my home-brewing will build more complex circuits out of numerous modules which by definition I can hopefully keep small. I then start from one side and use meSquares  with a bit of super glue.

Dave Richards (AA7EE) who is possibly the uber-master of Manhattan layout has lots of very cool examples and if you haven’t checked out his site do so.

3W6A1015 - 2015-07-04 at 15-59-49 3W6A1012 - 2015-07-04 at 15-57-56 3W6A1018 - 2015-07-04 at 16-01-00


  1. Paul – this is really good stuff. Your Manhattan construction is neat, and I agree with your idea of viewing more complex circuits as a series of smaller modules. I see a great future for you in homebrew!



  2. I just learned of Manhattan construction in the past month. I will have to check out Dave’s site for some more learning. Certainly much cleaner than my current project on perf board.


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